Agent Station

a modern environment for static and mobile software agents


  • Supports both mobile and static software agents
  • Based on secure gRPC (over HTTP/2 with SSL, TLS) or plain Java-RMI (JRMP) remote communications
  • Supports collaboration between agents with messages in JSON format
  • Schedule an agent to carry out a task (once or repeatedly)
  • Permission-based mobile agent migration to remote Agent Stations
  • Specified permissions determine whether an agent is allowed in the environment
  • Jar files containing agents are verified against known MD5 hash code
  • Offers two user interface alternatives, a GUI or an interactive TUI
  • Runs on any OS supporting Java 17 LTS
  • Find out more on the GitHub repository

Start using the Agent Station environment with the latest stable release package version 1.0.2. The complete set of release packages is available here.

Agent Station is licensed under the GPL version 3.